FlyteVu has partnered with the CMO Club to bring you the audio series: Brands Backstage. This series gives brand marketers an inside perspective on how some of today’s top music artists think about partnerships.

In this episode:

  • We introduce RaeLynn, who gained momentum in country music as a quarter-finalist on season 2 of The Voice, and her debut album “WildHorse” landed number one on Billboard’s Country Chart.
  • We discuss how to find organic brand partnerships.
  • We learn how RaeLynn has been able to have successful brand partnerships from big retail stores to a campaign around her latest single.


Behind RaeLynn’s contagious smile, bubbly personality, and unicorn imagination she has built a brand fans feel a connection to. They first fell in love with RaeLynn on season 2 of The Voice where she was a quarter-finalist on Team Blake. The singer/songwriter released her debut album, “WildHorse,” in 2017 which landed within the top 10 Billboard’s Album Sales Chart and her first single, “Love Triangle,” received high praise from the press calling it “country music storytelling at its finest.”

“This year has been amazing. I released my record and it debuted at number one on the Billboard Country Chart. I did my own headlining tour, which was so much fun, and I traveled with one of my friend’s Blake, and I’ve gotten to be a part of some really cool things when it comes to brand partnerships,” said RaeLynn.

A recent partnership RaeLynn is passionate about is being the face of Too Faced’s “Life’s A Festival” spring collection. “It’s basically like a unicorn makeup, and if you know me and my brand, I love magical things. I love unicorns! Probably have way too many of them in my house, but this partnership came together really uniquely and I’m so excited because it’s my favorite makeup,” said RaeLynn. “I love everything about the company from the way they package things and just how awesome they are, which makes me happy to represent them.”

Other partnerships for RaeLynn include being a patient ambassador for a pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk. “That has been an amazing experience because it’s very organic to me. I wake up every day and have to deal with Type 1 diabetes, so to be able to tell my diabetes story on the road, and do events with them has been great,” said RaeLynn.

“When I look for a brand to work with, when I get asked about something, or to post something, I always think, ‘Is this organic to me?’ Because if it’s something that I use every day, if it’s something that I wear, if it’s something that I know I can own, then I’m going to do it,” said RaeLynn.

Forever 21 recently partnered with RaeLynn on her Rave Tour. “Before my show, I would do an in-store visit at Forever 21 where I would meet my fans, do a signing, and on three mannequins I got to dress them! It was a cool promotion of ‘Look like Rae’ kind of thing. That was really organic to me because fashion’s really important to me, and how I dress, so to be able to work together with them was super cool,” said RaeLynn. That partnerships she says came about through Warner Music. “I meet with Marika at Warner probably once every couple of months and we talk about what I’m passionate about, and she knows me,” explains RaeLynn. “She is around me 24/7, so she knows what’s organic to me and when we came up with our dream board of companies I wanted to work with, Forever 21 was one of them.” Too Faced she said is on that list as well as getting more into the health and fitness space.

When it comes to brand partnerships RaeLynn says she also considers whether the partnerships would be something her fans would be interested in. “I think it is really great to see what your fans are into, and also know if what you’re doing is going to work. Another thing though is I’m always being organic to myself, and I’m always working with brands, that I know fit what I represent, then my fans are going to love it too, because if they love me and love my music, then they’re going to love whatever I love!” said RaeLynn.

Fan engagement is something RaeLynn is passionate about and tries to incorporate in brand partnerships. With her latest single, “Lonely Call,” she set up three different voicemails fan could call into and say what their problem was. “You say either your boyfriend won’t leave you alone, you’re upset that he’s not calling, or one other one. When you click on it, then you get a call with the message from me, and my fans can leave voicemails about their lonely call. It is really awesome fan engagement because the voicemails are hilarious and it was a really cool way to connect with my fans on my new single,” said RaeLynn.