FlyteVu has partnered with the CMO Club to bring you the audio series: Brands Backstage. This series gives brand marketers an inside perspective on how some of today’s top music artists think about partnerships.


In this episode:

  • We introduce Scotty McCreery, Season 10 American Idol winner whose latest single “Five More Minutes” went #1, and new album “Seasons Change” comes out this month.
  • We discuss the importance of authentic partnerships in order for there to be a real connection between the brand and artist.
  • We speak with McCreery on how he is the one behind all of his social posts, something brands should consider when looking at partnerships.



Scotty McCreery, American Idol’s 2011 winner, describes himself as a down-to-earth, everyday guy you’d see walking across the street. It’s that mindset he has when it comes to partnering with brands and finding an authentic connection.

“I wouldn’t want folks to see me representing a company and they’re like, ‘Scotty McCreery’s doing that?’ or ‘that was Scotty McCreery?’”

His strategy when it comes to brand partnerships is the same as when it comes to making music – he does what feels good. “I’m going to sing what’s best for me and what I feel best about, so the decision always came down to what I felt good about,” said McCreery.

The North Carolina native has worked with a number of brands including, World Market, Walmart, Bojangles, Red Robin, and Green Light Event. “It’s been all over the place, but companies that I feel good about, and what I’ve done so far it’s been a good fit,” said McCreery.

As most all-American boys are, McCreery is an avid sports fan. “Being from North Carolina, college sports is king there so for me it’s unfortunate. I feel like I root for the redheaded stepchild. Everybody’s always asking if you’re from the Raleigh-Durham area, ‘Are you NC or are you Duke?’, but my Dad and I went to NC State,” said McCreery.

The 24-year-old grew up playing baseball and nowadays can be found on the golf course, fishing, or the occasional camping trip with his bandmates while on tour. Touring he explains is one of his favorite things to do, “I get paid to travel the world!”

When it comes to McCreery’s fans, he describes them as “everything.” In addition to them naming him “Country’s Sexiest Man of the Year” in 2015, he feels blessed they have stuck by his side throughout these past six years. “I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is they like to see me, yes for the music, yes for being an artist, but they like to know me more as just a person,” said McCreery. Because of this, it is always McCreery himself behind every one of his social posts. He tells the CMO Club he loves updating his fans on his music of course, but also his private life with his now fiancé.

It may sound simple, posting your own content to social media accounts, but it can make all the difference for brand partnerships. McCreery’s fans know it’s him, which helps with partnerships and having that authentic connection with an audience for obvious reasons.

Charities are near and dear to McCreery’s heart. McCreery had the opportunity to work with “Operation Christmas Child” and deliver boxes of goodies to children in the Dominican Republic, an opportunity he says will always stick with him. “I do feel like for me everything happened so quick and so young, but I feel like I wasn’t give this platform just to sing songs that people like. I feel like I can really get out there and make a difference and help folks that need it. It’s cool to be in that position so I try to take advantage of that.”