You’re watching your favorite sitcom and the first commercial break rolls on. It’s the current pop sensation singing their latest hit all the while the advertisement is promoting a discount superstore. You love the song, but do you feel the connection to the brand? It’s your favorite artist, but do you believe the story is authentic? You find it’s hard to, because an actual story isn’t being told…

In this digital age, it’s hard to break through the chaos and leave a lasting impression. Particularly when the brand story is being told through music in a short 30 second spot, leaving the consumer with no invitation to further engage. We know music is a bridge to emotion. We also know that emotion is a bridge to sales. However, many brands build this bridge with a one dimensional approach. This would be similar to an inauthentic song license or a basic endorsement. It’s a famous or trusted voice or a face that will carry out the message, but the connection is thin and won’t sustain the consumer bond. Although it might get a simple point across, it doesn’t mean it will plant a seed with your audience.

The most beneficial strategy when using music to reach consumers is to initiate a strategic campaign; a multidimensional platform that uses the music and the artist to bring relativity and authenticity to the story. This bridge has a solid foundation, with many textures and directions. When a brand builds a music campaign, music becomes a core component of the message; it’s not just the sweet sound in the background or a handsome face.

For example, Snap Fitness, a 24-7 gym franchise, partnered with country music star Thomas Rhett, who is known for his healthy and active lifestyle on and off the stage. The 360-degree marketing campaign involved Rhett’s music in TV campaigns, consumer facing social media fitness challenges, and live bootcamps at Snap Fitness gyms across the country to coincide with Rhett’s tour. It was a genuine partnership utilizing a recognizable name and face to tell an authentic story.

Music should be integrated into the overarching strategy of telling the story to truly resonate with the consumer. This can be done strategically and efficiently by leveraging what an artist has in the pipeline: an album release, a new single, or a tour. This could also come in the form of integrations into their tour, exclusive music downloads, or compelling digital content. The layers involve additional partners like streaming and music distribution platforms. Not only does this build authenticity with the consumer but also with the artist themselves. A brand and an artist need to have a mutual relationship, each giving value to the other in order to make a truly holistic campaign.

Once a campaign is established, it is scalable and repeatable- going different directions to meet the brand’s goals and to reach new consumers. Utilizing music in this way is a solid investment that will increase in value as foundation is laid, the story develops, and trust is established.

So here you are now- you’re browsing online and you see one of your favorite bands in an exclusive video powered by a brand. They’re singing, they’re laughing, they’re telling their story. You turn up the volume and tune in for more. You’re connected.