For decades, press releases were used as the driving force of all news delivery from corporate communications departments and agencies. They were written on typewriters, faxed to the press, and almost immediately a call was made to ensure receipt of delivery. There were no social media platforms, cell phones, laptops, or emails. The rolodex was your best friend.

Fast forward to present day and writing press releases have become a thing of the past for many in press and media fields. These days, publicists and communications teams are using customized media mailers, media partners, and social media influencers to deliver a message. These are more strategic ways to pick your exact audience, and deliver your message to the target demographic and consumer.

This past April, FlyteVu produced an event at a private estate in Rancho Mirage for our client Bumble called Winter Bumbleland. The event was a thematic two-day event for the brand to tell a story in a brand new way and increase downloads of their social discovery app. To formally announce the event and execute a ‘save the date’ with press, our agency sent out custom snowglobes, which teased the winter-in-the-desert-themed event in a one-of-a-kind way. The mailers created a shareable, unique topic of conversation for press as they prepared their stories surrounding the event.

Utilizing influencers to instantly reach a large organic following is another way to disseminate news of a campaign or launch. For example, Macy’s millennial brand American Rag partnered with top influencers for a festival campaign to utilize expert content creators for their promotions. Alexa Losey was one of the influencers on the program that was tasked with content creation, averaging 35,000 likes on photo posts and more than 870,000 followers. This was a way for American Rag to reach a dedicated and targeted audience in an authentic way.

Using social media platforms as a driving force for news has also proven successful. Last Fall, FlyteVu executed a campaign for Tennessee Tourism to launch their Snapchat channel. To do so, we had to find the perfect storyteller and driving force for views and follows. At the time, Garth Brooks was receiving his 7th Diamond Award; an honor no artist had ever received (surpassing The Beatles). Our agency married the two concepts, using Brooks as the campaign ambassador to celebrate his award win by throwing a free concert in Nashville, TN. The only way to gain access to the show was through Tennessee Tourism’s Snapchat. With short stories, celebrity takeovers, and a behind the scenes look into Brooks’ career, Tennessee Tourism amassed 31,000 followers overnight.

There are many ways for brands to disseminate news in a timely way that is far more effective and strategic than a traditional press release. Utilizing media partners, influencers, and social media platforms are just three formats to engage with your target audience.