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In this episode:

  • We introduce Dustin Lynch, Platinum artist who has earned five consecutive #1s, three Top 5 albums, and PLATINUM-level certifications.
  • We discuss the power of music and importance of authentic timing in partnerships.
  • We speak with Dustin about his personal brand and the key role social media plays.



The Transcript:


Pete Krainik: Pete Krainik here, the founder and CEO of the CMO Club with another episode of Brands Backstage, a new podcast series for CMOs, in partnership with FlyteVu. Three specific objectives: First, deliver high impact insights on how the most innovative brands are working with the artists that everyone can take advantage of.

Second, introduce that artist to the brands to get to know them. What are their passions? What do they care about? How do they approach music? How do they approach working with brands?

And third, leverage the expertise that artists have on their personal brand, that passionate fanbase, and how they nurture it and grow that base. Ideas that CMOs can leverage.

I am so thrilled to be speaking with Dustin Lynch today. Since releasing his Platinum debut single, “Cowboys and Angels,” Lynch has been on a steady path toward super stardom with five consecutive number ones, three top five albums, Platinum level certifications, and tours with the biggest names in country music: Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, and Brad Paisley. Racking up over 125 million views on YouTube Vevo, scoring 275 million-plus streams on Spotify, soaring to number one on the MTV Music Meter, and selling three million digital tracks.

He brings a fresh combination of traditional influence and edgy intensity to the genre that I love. Following his sophomore album, “Where It’s At,” which debuted at number one in the iTunes country albums chart, Lynch’s hotly anticipated follow up, “Current Mood,” arrived September 8. The project features “Small Town Boy,” the gold-certified, number one single “Seeing Red,” and aims to push the envelope of country music even further.

Realizing his lifetime dream of creating a fashion line, Lynch has also branched out to launch Stay Country, the line of accessibly priced men’s and women’s shirts, hats, and accessories all emblazoned with distinctive Stay Country logo. Let’s go talk with Dustin.

Peter Krainik: Hey Dustin how are you today?

Dustin Lynch: I’m doing wonderful.

Pete Krainik: Excellent. Excellent.

Dustin Lynch: Thanks for having me by.

Pete Krainik: So I have one very important question. I was doing some research before we chatted a little bit and saw you were a biology major in school?

Dustin Lynch: Yes, biology with a chemistry minor.

Pete Krainik: Where was this?

Dustin Lynch: At Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Pete Krainik: Okay – so you’re better looking and smarter than me?

Dustin Lynch: (laughs)

Pete Krainik: We’re off. I’m like 0 for 2.

Dustin Lynch: Yeah. Well, you know I winded up at Lipscomb because of golf. The game of golf got me there.

Pete Krainik: Really? And you are a better golfer?

Dustin Lynch: (Laughs) Well, I don’t know about that.

Pete Krainik: I’m gonna be on suicide watch by the end of this conversation.

Dustin Lynch: (Laughs)

Pete Krainik: I’m kidding. So very cool. Very cool.

Dustin Lynch: Yeah.

Pete Krainik: So just a little bit about you. Do you live in Nashville?

Dustin Lynch: I do, yeah. Well as much as I can. A few days a year. I call it home.

Pete Krainik: You do?

Dustin Lynch: How about that?

Pete Krainik: How long have you lived here?

Dustin Lynch: I’ve been here since ’03 – came up for college. Like I said with a golf scholarship and played all four years through college and got a degree. I promised my parents I’d get a degree.

Pete Krainik: Okay.

Dustin Lynch: It was very important to me to do that, but I also knew deep down I had to give music a shot.

Pete Krainik: You could’ve done like gym or something a little less stressful than biology there?

Dustin Lynch: I know! I don’t know what I was thinking. Or some sort of business or something, but I was just in love with discovering how the human body worked and that’s really what kind of just kept me in that field.

Pete Krainik: When you started school did you think you were going to be a doctor and stuff like that?

Dustin Lynch: I wanted to be a surgeon.

Pete Krainik: Did you?

Dustin Lynch: Yeah, I did. I’m a fan of instant gratification so all through college I was cutting grass and I think that was kind of feeding that you know. Your yard is terrible – I’ll fix it.

Pete Krainik: Right.

Dustin Lynch: So it was kind of the same mentality.

Pete Krainik: Very cool. So it looks like you made the right decision. Things are good, right?

Dustin Lynch: So far things are great.

Pete Krainik: I have a question as a non-music guy, okay? I was watching one of your videos. When you shoot the videos, if you don’t mind me asking this, the super secrets here, are you playing to a soundtrack? Like you had your band performing or is it you just playing to a soundtrack or are you actually performing?

Dustin Lynch: Yeah. Well we’re actually performing what we would be, but if it’s me in the band, then it’s always two-track.

Pete Krainik: Right.

Dustin Lynch: So they’re just pumping the record.

Pete Krainik: Got it.

Dustin Lynch: A lot of times they’ll do it in double, triple speed…

Pete Krainik: What does that mean?

Dustin Lynch: I don’t know the exact technical terms for it, but it’s something to do with the frames and how they slow it down for a certain look so when we’re taping the video I’m actually playing and singing double time of what the actual song is, which can get very challenging on a fast lyric.

Pete Krainik: Oh my god. I didn’t know that. Very cool. So you have a new album coming out?

Dustin Lynch: Yeah!

Pete Krainik: And when is it coming out?

Dustin Lynch: September 8.

Pete Krainik: Okay.

Dustin Lynch: It’s my third album. I’ve been working on it for three years so I’m very anxious for that to come out and for the world to take it.

Pete Krainik: Now why are you so excited about it?

Dustin Lynch: Well I’m really excited about it because I’ve reached a point where I’ve had enough success in my career now to where we’re at this tipping point and if I do the right things at the right time it could be astronomical success you know.

Pete Krainik: Right.

Dustin Lynch: And we feel that, we know that, the town knows that – so there’s a lot of eyeballs on me right now. For me I’m very confident in the music we have coming out, but it’s all about order and timing and figuring out what the right order is – so that’s the anxious part. There’s not a wrong answer, but I think there’s a better right answer.

Pete Krainik: Right. But it’s exciting to be in that place, right?

Dustin Lynch: Oh it really is, yeah.

Pete Krainik: Did you know that you were going to just crush this?

Dustin Lynch: I did not.

Pete Krainik: Have you always been confident that you knew you were good?

Dustin Lynch: I was not. I mean of course you have family and friends tell you you’re good, but impressing a stranger is the key here.

Pete Krainik: Yeah.

Dustin Lynch: You know? And we’re still trying to do that.

Pete Krainik: Right.

Dustin Lynch: Everybody that has not seen us or heard us is a stranger and we’re still trying to win them over. I look at it like first dates. I’ve still gotta impress the girl on the first date.

Pete Krainik: So it’s an awareness thing, from a marketing perspective, just making sure people know you.

Dustin Lynch: Absolutely. That’s the biggest challenge because there’s so much stuff flying at everybody and especially with all the algorithms and everything that go on social media now, not everybody is seeing what we do. So it’s staying top of mind and staying present.

Pete Krainik: Now are you a social media guy?

Dustin Lynch: Oh I love it. Yeah.

Pete Krainik: You do it? What do you like to do?

Dustin Lynch: Well I try and hit everything, but I’m more of an Instagram guy. I find myself kind of living in that space more for whatever reason. That is just what I’m into. And I love following stories, I love that whole side of things.

Pete Krainik: Right. You know it’s funny I just turned 60, I know I look a lot younger, and most of the people in the CMO Club are in their 40s and 50s so it’s funny to see everyone’s on Facebook, right?

Dustin Lynch: Right, sure.

Pete Krainik: And their family friends are on Facebook. LinkedIn is the business stuff, and then every now and then there will be an Instagram. But they just actually repeat what they do on Facebook.

Dustin Lynch: Right. Sure.

Pete Krainik: It’s not like a strategy. It’s more like, “Well I’ll put it everywhere I can.” It cracks me up.

Dustin Lynch: Yeah it is funny for me how it’s evolved. When I first started doing music at this level social media was just really getting going. We had Twitter, but I don’t think Instagram was really even a thing yet. So it’s been crazy that each year there’s something new and a lot of things end up getting gobbled up by something else. It’s been cool to be in the industry long enough to know what music was like before though. You had to be everywhere all the time and I’ve been a part of that.

Pete Krainik: So do you respond to fans or anything like that?

Dustin Lynch: Oh, I love it because on social media for me I always keep a beat on our shows and what music is affecting what type of people because no one needs a filter – no one has a filter on social media. Fans will say whatever they want and that’s good – great honest opinions. Instant reactions at a show. I start paying attention to what photos people are posting at our shows.

Pete Krainik: That’s smart.

Dustin Lynch: And over the course of time you realize, “Oh wait there’s a trend here.” This is a moment of our show that makes somebody get their phone out and post it – so my goal is to have more of those moments.

Pete Krainik: That’s pretty bright that you do that from a social media perspective. So what are some other things you’ve learned? What works? What doesn’t? Because I think a lot of the CMOs, heads of marketing, who are listening to this would benefit from knowing that.

Dustin Lynch: The land I live in is all about communication and that one-on-one connection with a fan. Whenever I respond to Sally in Ohio, or whatever, I don’t think it’s expected so when it happens there is this connection. For the business that I’m in, the biggest thing for me is making that connection with someone. It doesn’t even have to be at a show, but maybe the next time we come back around to her town she’s going to have that connection and remember when I reached out or responded to a comment she made. So that’s what I think is the most valuable thing for me – having that connection and breaking that rock star wall that used to be the thing.

Pete Krainik: Right.

Dustin Lynch: Now it’s all about being a part of their lives and them being a part of mine. And the country music fan is more involved in my life than just the music. They care about my guitar player’s kid, they care about one of our pets. They are really invested in our lives more so than I think any other genre.

Pete Krainik: Do you have any pets?

Dustin Lynch: I don’t.

Pete Krainik: You don’t?

Dustin Lynch: No. You know I grew up with a bunch of pets, but I’m on the road 300-plus days a year. I would love to.

Pete Krainik: Drop it off at the kennel.

Dustin Lynch: Exactly.

Pete Krainik: 800 times.

Dustin Lynch: Yeah. The dog wouldn’t even know who I am.

Pete Krainik: Right.

Dustin Lynch: By the end of the year, unless I had it on the bus, and that gets a little messy I feel like.

Pete Krainik: So what do you like to do for fun when you’re not getting ready to release a major album?

Dustin Lynch: I love being outside. I love the outdoors. I’ve always loved doing outdoor stuff, but I’ve discovered in this hustle and bustle of the music world I need that reset. I have to have that time, that fresh air and alone time really. I like to go out and be alone- that just resets my mind and soul and recharges me.

Pete Krainik: That’s good to know because I think brands more and more are really thinking about themselves, right? And how they connect with their fans or their customers and who they align with and stuff like that. So knowing that is important for them.

Dustin Lynch: Yeah, absolutely. Without a doubt. In my line of music, the country music world, it kind of lines up with most of those fans’ lifestyles. We all kind of enjoy the same things and I think there’s a connection there, too, off the stage.

Pete Krainik: What brands have you worked with?

Dustin Lynch: Our longest partnership would be with Chevrolet.

Pete Krainik: Okay.

Dustin Lynch: David Yurman, Cabela’s, Field and Stream, George Dickel, Wolverine Boots, Maui Jim, we currently work with.

Pete Krainik: Okay, you said your first thing was Chevy? What’s that relationship been like?

Dustin Lynch: The relationship has been amazing because they came in at a very interesting time in my life. I had just started having some major success with my first single, “Cowboys and Angels.” I was at an industry party and someone asked, “Hey, what kind of car you driving?” I was like, “Well currently an Excursion that breaks down pretty often. Actually the air conditioning went out two days ago. I just haven’t had time to go get it fixed.”

Pete Krainik: How long ago was this?

Dustin Lynch: That was 2012.

Pete Krainik: Okay, so like five or six years ago?

Dustin Lynch: Yeah and then it turned into, “Well how would you like a brand new Chevrolet?” I said, “Well, that would be amazing.”

Pete Krainik: Uh, yes, please.

Dustin Lynch: And that kind of kicked off the conversation. Since then we’ve been partners with them and I do a lot of fan events for them – parties for their dealers and things like that. It’s been a wonderful deal.

Pete Krainik: So do you do like meet and greets and stuff on your tours and things like that?

Dustin Lynch: Sure.

Pete Krainik: Like what format?

Dustin Lynch: It depends on the tour.

Pete Krainik: What do the fans like most?

Dustin Lynch: Right now we are on tour with Brad Paisley – I think this is our fifth major tour to be a part of. But right now with Brad there’s a meet and greet every night with anywhere from 50 to 100 people. On my headlining tours- I’ll kick off a headlining tour again on November 3rd of this year- I will do a VIP experience as well as a meet and greet. The VIP experience is a way for my fans to come in early, get in the doors first, and then I’ll get up there, and it’s just me and the guitar. I’ll take requests and play a few songs.

Pete Krainik: Before the concert starts?

Dustin Lynch: Well, before doors.

Pete Krainik: Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Dustin Lynch: It’s very intimate. We limit it to 100 people and they get limited merch that no one else can get their hands on so it gives them a little bit more time than just a picture and signing something. There’s a lot more conversation.

Pete Krainik: Any memorable fan experiences? Either good or bad.

Dustin Lynch: Oh, yeah, of course.

Pete Krainik: Anything that jumps out. Anything you want to share?

Dustin Lynch: Well, a couple of things I didn’t expect. I never expected to have stalkers – that’s happened and been kind of creepy.

Pete Krainik: Welcome to my world.

Dustin Lynch: But on a positive note, my favorite interactions with fans, and it’s something I never assumed or thought would happen to me, is my music touching someone else’s life in the most incredible way ever. That’s, you know, being a part of someone’s big wedding day or someone’s friend’s funeral. Hearing someone come up to me in absolute tears and go, “Thank you, your music saved my life and got me through the X, Y, or Z.” That’s powerful stuff and that’s the stuff that keeps me wanting to write and wanting to be the best I can because music means a lot more than just noise on the radio.

Pete Krainik: Right, right. I mean I think about the gift you have to do that. Not many people can say that – so are you passionate about charities? Is there anything you’re interested in?

Dustin Lynch: Yeah, I would say that the charity we do the most work with is St. Jude Children’s and the country music community makes that available to all of us.

Pete Krainik: Right.

Dustin Lynch: Country radio is so involved with St. Jude that it’s easy for us to get involved with it and from that you know we do a lot of events for them, raise a lot of money, do a lot of radio shows and the stations do a lot of call-ins so we are a part of that. Also in addition to St. Jude I do a charity event every year in my hometown. I’m from a small tow of Tullahoma, Tennessee- just south of Nashville- and every December right when the year’s wrapping up for us I’ll do an event down there. I concentrate all the money and everything in on local charities in town for children and that’s been a really cool way to give back to the town that made me who I am.

Pete Krainik: Sure, that’s a nice thing, right?

Dustin Lynch: Yeah.

Pete Krainik: And then everyone’s like, “Yeah, he came from our town. Yeah!”

Dustin Lynch: It’s a fun night of familiar faces and we’re doing some good.

Pete Krainik: Now I read that you have a clothing line.

Dustin Lynch: I do, yes. This is something I’ve been working on since 2010, but I let it sit on the back burner because I really wanted music to take off first. Once we started having some success, wheels were already spinning on how I could develop the Stay Country brand. Right now it’s clothing, but I want the brand to be way more than that, and that’s what’s exciting moving forward. When it first started we just made a few merch items and couldn’t keep them in stock over the weekend. I was like, “We’ve got something!”

Pete Krainik: What types of items?

Dustin Lynch: Well right now we’ve been selling graphic tees, hats, koozies and things like that – tour mech.

Pete Krainik: Right.

Dustin Lynch: Since then people caught wind of how well it was doing and I’ve partnered with a team up in New York and we’ve been developing a full line of clothing for women and men. We’ll have a really big release this fall. It’s just amazing to me where life takes you. You know? I had an idea that came from a song title. And it’s developed into now selling women’s jeans, leggings, and jackets and all of this incredible stuff. It’s so much fun for me because it’s like writing songs. With my team in New York we sit in a room just like we would if we were going to write a song. It’s just a few friends with some ideas and at the end of the day we have a piece of clothing that someone can wear out, and we can wear out.

Pete Krainik: Yeah.

Dustin Lynch: And what’s really cool is being at an NFL game and seeing one of my t-shirts I designed walk past me through the stands. It’s a very flattering thing.

Pete Krainik: Now, how old are you?

Dustin Lynch: I’m 32.

Pete Krainik: 32. All right. At 32 doing all this stuff, too, right?

Dustin Lynch: Oh it’s fun!

Pete Krainik: I was still living in my parents … No I wasn’t.

Dustin Lynch: (laughs)

Pete Krainik: Just kidding. Just kidding. So what else is next? You’ve got the tour, the clothing line…

Dustin Lynch: Yeah. What’s next is everything is! The ball’s rolling quick right now so I’m just trying to stay on top of it. I keep kicking it down the road but you know, on top of my music world and the Stay Country line, I have a passion for new artists and developing new talent. I do this because when I moved to Nashville I didn’t have anybody really holding my hand and that kind of stunted my growth for awhile. I didn’t know anything about the music industry. I knew that I listened to the radio and I knew I loved country music and knew about the Grand Ole Opry and I knew about the Blue Bird Café, but that was it.

Pete Krainik: Right.

Dustin Lynch: I didn’t know there was a village of thousands of people behind the scenes making these songs come to life. I had to learn all of that while trying to be a doctor in college. I was trying to knock on doors and just figure out how the town worked and there is not a school for that, especially if you’re trying to be a doctor, so it took me a little bit to figure out how the town worked. I now have a passion for developing or wanting to develop. One of my first artists I found just signed a major label deal. His name is Tyler Rich and with my management team we are in the works of starting to find new music for him and get him cranking. I want to continue that.

Pete Krainik: Pretty cool.

Dustin Lynch: Yes because that’s very fulfilling to me – to help somebody out. I know that feeling, “Oh, here’s Nashville – all right now what?” So the fact that we are having success with Tyler right out of the gate is going to be fun and I’m looking to expand that a bit further.

Pete Krainik: Very cool. Do you have any brothers or sisters or family?

Dustin Lynch: Yeah, I have one sister, thank goodness. I think if I didn’t have my sister who had her head on straight – she went to school to be an accountant, is married to an oral surgeon- so that helped my parents because she has the grandkids. She really helps me out because here I am, this pirate, roaming around the country. I love my sister for that. But yeah, I have one older sister. She has two kids and she’s a rock star! She’s amazing.

Pete Krainik: Very cool. And parents?

Dustin Lynch: Yeah my parents are still alive and well. They all live in my hometown, which is about an hour and a half down the street so it’s really nice.

Pete Krainik: Does your mom know all your songs?

Dustin Lynch: Oh my gosh, yes. And way more than the world knows because I send her songs that end up not making the album. So she has her own folder of songs.

Pete Krainik: Cool – So we do these summits for Heads of Marketing. We did one a couple of months ago in Austin at South by Southwest. We did a CMO event there where it was a casual roundtable discussion with four or five CMOs on stage. It’s an intimate room and we had them call their parents. We put one phone up to the mic and asked them what did their son or daughter do. We did this to see if they knew and you would just be shocked at the answers.

Dustin Lynch: I love it.

Pete Krainik: It was like, “Well I think he makes M&Ms. I don’t know what he does?” It was something like that.

Dustin Lynch: That’s great.

Pete Krainik: And then one of them had the pitch down and was like, “My daughter optimizes blah, blah, blah.”

Dustin Lynch: Oh my God.

Pete Krainik: Yeah – pretty funny. I heard there’s something creative you’re doing with social at the concert with t-shirts or something like that?

Dustin Lynch: Yeah, in the world I live I think my fanbase is starting to realize that we love a good roll out. If they don’t realize that – even better. We love rolling things out and hyping them – because why not! It’s fun to hype and it builds that anticipation, especially for this album, because I mean this is our life blood to what we do for the next few years. I wanted to come up with an idea on how to reveal a track list on an album. What’s going to make people care? What’s going to be the breadcrumb trail that leads people on and keeps them connected and it’s not just, here’s the track list and here’s the album and it will be here in a month. Then they forget and go watch the Teen Choice Awards or whatever. So I came up with an idea each night on stage I was going to reveal the track list by a t-shirt I was wearing and it would have the song title on my shirt, but no one in the world is going to know this. We are going to create this trail to where by show number five they are going to start going, “Wait a second!” Then they will start putting the puzzle together. So I think we’ve done nine shirts already.

Pete Krainik: Okay.

Dustin Lynch: And we’ll do a little blip of the lyric.

Pete Krainik: And you’ve worn them?

Dustin Lynch: Wore them onstage. And I have a guy on staff that follows me around and is just my content creator at all times. He follows me everywhere. I didn’t know if I could have him here. I wish I did now. But he follows me everywhere and captures everything we do. So every night he’s getting badass pictures or videos for me for the album track listening reveal.

Pete Krainik: Does everyone know now? Is the word out?

Dustin Lynch: We haven’t done a press release on it. That’s going to be something that comes in hindsight.

Pete Krainik: Are people figuring it out?

Dustin Lynch: Figuring it out now – absolutely. We’ve stumbled upon that it would be a great merch shirt because we can look at all the comments and all of sudden there’s 700 comments, so that’s a great shirt. It’s like, “We need to make that.”

Pete Krainik: That’s a really good idea. That’s interesting. We’ve had a bunch of heads of marketing listening to this. What’s coming up that you would want help with brands on?

Dustin Lynch: As we continue to develop our show the goal is to get to headlining status at an arena and amphitheater and then a stadium level and this fall we start trying to tackle our first arenas. With that comes the need for bigger production and also with that comes more eyeballs and a lot more seats to fill. But with that production there’s costs that are involved to look larger than life. As we graduate toward the arena, amphitheater, stadium headlining status there a lot of opportunity for branding and partnering with a brand and what I would need help with is some supplemental costs – that it costs to put on a show that big.

Pete Krainik: Sure.

Dustin Lynch: And being out with Luke Bryan for two years he’s the biggest guy on our format, arguably, right now. He’s had a huge partnership with Cabela’s and with Chevy. You see the signage and the branding on everything and anything he does. From that he’s been smart and developed the HFE line that’s now carried in all the Cabela’s. What I think would really help me since we’ve reached this point where we have a great platform and we have this brand of music and a great following, it would be wonderful to have a partner to be a part of it.

Pete Krainik: It sounds to me like a great opportunity now versus five years from now for you as you get bigger. So you are at this stepping stone and want brands to be a part of that?

Dustin Lynch: Without a doubt. We had Maui Jim and George Dickel this year and they’ve been a great help and great partners. They’ve allowed us to do some really cool, unique things such as events and have been a part of some really neat opportunities.

Pete Krainik: Another thought! Types of food – any restaurants you like? Brands you love? I’m just curious.

Dustin Lynch: Yeah I love to eat absolutely – that’s something I’m really good at.

Pete Krainik: I can tell with the 2% body fat that you love to eat.

Dustin Lynch: Well I love to work out as well. How about that?

Pete Krainik: Evidently.

Dustin Lynch: But brands I love- that’s a tough question because I like a lot of brands. Outside of music and work, which I’m a workaholic, so this is rare. The brands I love are things I like having fun with. Like I said earlier I love being outside. I love anything outdoors: hunting, fishing, surfing, skiing, wakeboarding, boating, and all of that. That’s me. My manager, standing over there, he knows where to find me if I’m not answering the phone because I’m on the water somewhere hanging out. So yeah that’s just my world, that’s me in a nutshell. Pretty simple.

Pete Krainik: That’s cool. I have one final question. Great conversation by the way. This is a podcast series for CMOs, called Brands Backstage, and it’s kind of become commonplace that at the end of every conversation like this that we would do a duet together – maybe a ten, fifteen second duet.

Dustin Lynch: (laughs)

Pete Krainik: So let me know what song you’d like us to do and why don’t we end with a duet?

Dustin Lynch: This literally is my worst nightmare.

Pete Krainik: (laughs)

Dustin Lynch: This is the second time this has happened to me.

Pete Krainik: What’s that?

Dustin Lynch: The first time was a radio guy and guess what happened?

Pete Krainik: Uh, what happened?

Dustin Lynch: I walked off.

Pete Krainik: Okay what are you trying to say? Is this a hard no?

Dustin Lynch: I think I need a coffee.

Pete Krainik: I need a coffee?

Dustin Lynch: On top of it being way too early, I mean I was thinking my first duet would be like Reba McEntire or somebody.

Pete Krainik: That’s right. They call me the Reba of the CMO Club.

Dustin Lynch: She’s way prettier than you are by the way.

Pete Krainik: Man, hey, enjoyed the conversation. Good luck to you.

Dustin Lynch: Absolutely. Thank you so much.

Pete Krainik: Just remember us little people, man. When you become a huge star, just remember us little people!

Dustin Lynch: Let’s do this again. This was wonderful.

Pete Krainik: Okay. Thanks.

Dustin Lynch: Thank you.


About Dustin Lynch:


Since releasing his PLATINUM debut single, “Cowboys and Angels,” Lynch has been on a steady path toward superstardom with FIVE consecutive #1s, three Top 5 albums, PLATINUM-level certifications and tours with the biggest names in Country music (Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, and Brad Paisley).
Racking up over 125 million views on YouTube/VEVO, scoring 275 million-plus streams on Spotify, soaring to #1 on the MTV Music Meter, and selling 3 million digital tracks, he brings a fresh combination of traditional influence and edgy intensity to the genre.

Following his sophomore album, WHERE IT’S AT – which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Country Albums Chart, Lynch’s highly anticipated follow up, CURRENT MOOD, arrived September 8.

The boldly adventurous project features the GOLD-certified, #1 singles “Seein’ Red” and “Small Town Boy,” and aims to push the envelope of Country music even further.

Realizing his longtime dream of creating a fashion line, Lynch has also branched out to launch Stay Country. The line of accessibly priced men’s and women’s shirts, hats, and accessories, all emblazoned with the distinctive Stay Country logo, can be found online at


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